Organiser and training

Brandfarliga Arbeten is organised in accordance with the train the trainer concept. SVEBRA and Sveriges Byggindustrier train primary instructors and draw up agreements with organisers. The organisers have instructors who train those who carry out Brandfarliga Arbeten.

The training is adapted for different industries and is based on real events so that the person carrying out the work gains the most out from the opportunity. The training consists of a theoretical part that includes discussions and group work, as well as a practical extinguishing exercise. At the end of the training, a certification test is carried out for those who want to be certified.

When organisers apply for Brandfarliga Arbeten, they will be shown here.

Industry adapted

During the development of the training, several different industries have been involved with adapting it as much as possible. For example:

· Construction industry
· Roofing work
· Industry
· Blacksmiths
· Railways
· Installations

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